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Every organization and program is unique. That’s why we take the time to really understand and survey your landscape inside and out. An evaluation process begins with a thorough outline of the plan that will be used to determine if the project or program is achieving its goals and objectives.

We specialize in multifaceted evaluation plans, helping your organization better understand your project or program. Written reports aid decision-makers to make timely interventions to continuously improve. The feedback, both positive and negative, is essential in order to bring forth clarity and focus to your organization.

We can help with the following:

  • Environmental scan of comparable programs/projects
  • Secondary research to support research methods, and to collect relevant information to your organization or project based on what other organizations have done
  • Survey design, creation and pilot testing
  • Survey distribution (electronic and/or paper) and management
  • Survey follow-up to attain desired response rates
  • Focus group design, planning and facilitation
  • Qualitative & quantitative analysis, including cross-tabulation of demographic variables as merited or requested
  • Telephone and face-to-face interviews
  • Report of findings

We have completed evaluations and assessments for a variety of organizations and their programs, both operationally and grant supported.  We actively participate in the evaluation design and description of research components in support of grant applications on behalf of our clients.

Evaluation and Reporting